Low-Code Developments

Agility and flexibility when dealing with any solution

XOne is a low-code platform that allows you to build and maintain business apps with no need to use programming languages.

Advantages of programming low-code

XOne as a Low-Code platform allows companies to adapt to change and implement quickly the apps they need and offering a response adapted to the demands of the current time to market.
XOne’s Low-Code solutions require less programming than traditional development and are end-to-end solutions.

How can you avoid the long times and costs in the evolutionary maintenance of corporate apps, maintaining the agility and flexibility in the development?

Low-code solutions hide the complexity of defining an execution architecture, coordinate the tools needed to manage deployments between environments, minimize development times by providing reusable components and provide visibility into the application’s behavior.
Decreased Development times
By saving the development part at the code level, time is drastically reduced.

Cost Reduction

The costs are reduced since the time of creation, deployment, implementation and maintenance is much lower.


Reduction of Maintenance times

Allows changes or modifications to be made quickly. If it is low-code the maintenance will be minimal.

Increased Productivity

The development of apps is simplified, so developers should worry less about complexity.