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Virtual Assistant to create native apps developed with Machine Learning


According to Gartner XOne is among the main low-code developers providers

At the "Low-code Development Technologies Evaluation Guide" XOne is one of the leading companies


Cross-Platform Solutions

Design, integrate, deploy, administer and deliver, easily and quickly, real native and web apps


What XOne is

Mobile Apps and Multiexperience Developments

Make your corporate apps in a quick and effective way.

We focus on the client´s experience, and we make apps that are more than just apps.

We have a leading team of experts with more than 15 years of expertise in the development of mobile solutions.

XOne goes beyond mobile apps

It provides a wide set of tools and services that facilitate the fast and scalable development of integrated user experiences, secures and environmentals in multiple devices and channels.

It is the only Multiexperience Development Platform of the market that counts on all the necessary to develop, deliver, support and evolve real native and web apps, with a single code and any O.S of the market.

…And the best thing is that you don´t need to have anything installed to start your developments.

With our experience you make it real!!!

What do you need

XOne has everything you need to make your solution work in the safest way.

We adapt quickly to your needs, whatever they may be.

We manage and embrace new technologies and development approaches of native and webs apps in order to ensure the success of your multiexperience strategy.

Agility and Speed

XOne applies the principles of agile, greater speed and flexibility in the  development of apps delivery. We create real native and web apps in short times. You can make version changes on the fly, by updating the app in seconds.

Total Integration

XOne provides integration tools to interconnect the customer´s proprietary system and the new system implemented by XOne. Total integration with any back-end.

Off-line Connectivity

The Platform counts on a strong secure end-to-end Communications system, with proven connectivity, by providing on-line, off-line and push smart Connections. Communications based on A.I.

Adding Digital Technologies

Besides geolocation services, NFC, OCR… XOne allows adding other mobile extendable features which provide real and optimized multiexperience to the user. Apps powered with A.I.

Analysis and Management

XOne provides development tools with analysis functions, management and administration of devices, and continuous delivery of versions. It includes EMM to continuously check the status and performance of the apps.


XOne generates a unique code valid for all the Platforms and O.S. of the market. By adapting to all the environments. It counts on an outstanding UI and OS API support. Own high productivity IDE .

XOne manages to solve the big challenges that any mobile project must deal with

Red tape

We move from the traditional Development Platform and turn the mobile solutions into a strategic need that provides digital experiences with great impact in the apps.

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XOne delivers a wide range of high productivity tools and services in which every app finds the best solution.

Low-code Tools

High Productivity IDE

Mobile Back-End Services

Mobile DevOpS

Digital Security and Certification

Continuous Delivery of Versions

Native API Support

Apps Life Cycle Management

Multiexperience Support

What our customers say about us

“Working with the XOne Tool, allows us to deal with mobility projects focusing only on the functional needs of the client. Customers value very positively that their mobility solutions provider guarantees the investment made, since if there is any device or version change, it is transparent for them, no matter how complex the application is, which no other platform allows. The multiple solutions that we have developed these years with XOne, together with a suitable work methodology, make our clients see us as part of their organization and not as an application vendor. "

Jordi Segura, JSV

“The implementation of the XOne Platform has improved our production system in the different Regulated Parking lots, and has brought about a technological change in our Complaints Management System. In short, we believe that it is essential to have a tool such as XOne that allows multiple devices to be managed and managed remotely and efficiently. "

Sergio Castellar, PAVAPARK

"Thanks to XOne, 50% of the devices have been increased and we already have more than 600 devices to manage and resolve incidents in the homes of all our insured in Spain. The model will soon be exported to France, in order to optimize the management of expert tasks carried out by all our agents in French territory, which we hope will have the same success as in Spain. "


“With XOne we have migrated our previous SAT order management system to the current ISTOService, providing new features and increasing the productivity of our mechanics in record time. In just 6 months we have carried out the development, implementation and training of 70 mechanics throughout the entire territory, with a learning curve that is virtually zero.”

Salvador Carmona, ISTOVAL

“XOne has satisfactorily solved the mobilization of the management of our Sales Force in a record time (15 days from the initial meeting until the start of production). The tool is so useful that we have decided to use it for new developments in the near future, with the purpose of optimizing and managing in a personalized way the processes of our entire commercial network.”


“Thanks to the XOne tool, we have managed to reduce 85% of the message consumption of our operators, and the operation of the app in France has already been replicated. The result obtained thanks to the XOne platform, has been a mobile app that allows us to manage and optimize the agenda of our maintenance technicians in an efficient way, as well as to inform instantly of the actions carried out.”


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