XOne brings out the Android runtime

XOne Android Developer Framework

XOne Cloud is a collaborative web development tool designed to facilitate the work of XOne programmers who wish to develop native mobile apps in any of the market platforms.


Artificial Intelligence has unthinkable technology uses.

AI implementation at the companies has tripled since last year.

The impact of devices and appls powered by Artificial Intelligence is increasingly common in organizations and in public life.


Gartner Consultancy expects that 80% of the companies use at least eight of these technologies by the year 2020.

Digital Technologies which define the mobile future

Augmented reality, virtual reality and the advanced design of the mobile user experience are technologies that can shake the productivity of the most innovative use cases.


XOne explores new markets

XOne bets on new challenges and experiences

XOne starts the year with a strong commitment in R & D, to compete in other emerging markets, improve the competitiveness of our solutions and provide our customers the support they need to optimize and transform their business processes.

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