XOne has a system that enables you to place listening services on devices

It sends data to devices through events started on the server

In those ones that do not allow PUSH technology native to the manufacturer or the network operator, XOne places its own listening service through an IP connection.

On devices allowing native PUSH, XOne uses them to send the data.

Among the XOne solutions that this system can have, we highlight the solutions for sending alarms to mobile terminals, real-time process management, SAT, maintenance services …

In addition, it has the functionality to make requests by sending the PUSH token that corresponds to the device, so that external Web Services can send messages that can be covered with the XOne Framework.

Alarm Server

They receive alarms from various sources, usually external apps that are responsible for monitoring hardware, inquiries of databases or receive information from several external sources.

Events Server

The event servers operate in a similar way to the alarm servers, with the difference that each of them is geared to process a very specific event or set of events. They work independently, as they are ready to communicate with a different PUSH client.

Replica Server

The replica server is not a separate component of the PUSH system, but benefits from PUSH technology to notify customers that there are data to be downloaded.