The security that everything is all right

XOne has a service that aims to cover a very common need in the software world: the security that everything goes as it should, this Security service is named XOneMonitor.

It is a service that makes possible to verify that certain tasks of our server work properly.


XOne, through robotic processes, saves time and resources in the development of specific security tasks.

XOneMonitor features

  • It checks the status of services, if they are stopped, it starts them again and sends a notification email.
  • It sends e-mail with some parameters indicating the status of the project
  • It performs periodic maintenance of the tables of the app and the replica, if any.
  • It sends e-mails notifying erroneous behaviors.
  • It creates log of any of the previous errors for later supervision.
  • It creates, copies  and moves files from one location to another.
  • Compression of files.