Cloud - OnPremise

XOne allows multiple possibilities when configuring your environments, whether they are development, pre-production or production.

We build the solution that best suits your needs, the present and future ones.

The XOne Low-code development platform is capable of supporting the rapid development of a wide range of corporate apps and solutions, while ensuring that IT
companies maintain the control and security they need.

Infrastructure on Premise

Despite the advantages offered by the cloud, there are scenarios that require a local implementation.

XOne implements on premise solutions to those companies that believe that their business information must be in their dependencies and their IT team must take charge of the maintenance and scalability of the hardware and software infrastructure.

It is an “in-house” app hosted by the customer and managed by employees.

Local management is usually more associated with companies that seek professional results, avoiding taking risks with overloaded servers or revealing internal data of the company.

You can run the XOne platform in the customer´s facilities, on any database manager such as Oracle, SAP, SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite …

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The implementation services in the XOne cloud are intended for those companies that do not have IT technicians, who cannot assume costs of their own infrastructure, where the service cost of a private infrastructure is not acceptable, but they need to have scalable ERP software and flexible that it is a solid base for its growth and development.

XOne provides this infrastructure with an exclusive and secure CLOUD service that makes it available to its customers, with all the technical requirements of hardware and software in a single service fee.