XOne solves the issues that conventional technology cannot deal with

Assists developers throughout the process


XOne is a low-code development platform that extends the capabilities of the modeler.

By expanding the modeler’s capabilities, developers ensure that the model and custom code extensions work effectively.

In addition, XOne ensures that any written code is reusable in other apps.

The creation of reusable components not only facilitates the work of programmers, but also extends their capabilities to the developers who use these components.


Programmers who want to import apps from legacy code bases into the platform, or analyze application models, or make massive changes to the app, or create export models to another code base or platform … what they really need is a platform for Low-code development with an SDK, such as XOne.

By taking advantage of the SDK, developers gain access to meta model information, allowing them to create support tools around the platform to expand their capabilities.

XOne has a wide range of APIs to assist developers to integrate the platform into their existing DevOps channel.

Through the use of development tools, APIs are used to compile, test and implement apps automatically.


Developers not only want to know when there is an error, but also the context where that error is inside the app.

XOne delivers immediate information about possible errors that may occur in the development processes.

Check at all times if an app has functional errors, and also contains sufficient tools to solve them.

If a functional error is found in any of the processes, with XOne it is very easy to debug them. The platform automatically performs 10 to 20 times more consistency controls than compilers on traditional programming platforms.


XOne provides the management tools for developers to run everything, from unit tests to quality analysis and functional tests fully automatically.

The Platform proactively monitors and improves the quality of the app and the maintenance capacity during development. Its tools are integrated into the platform and allow developers to find and quickly solve problems that may arise from the application with automated tests throughout the life cycle.

In addition, XOne includes data security controls so you can grant different user types appropriate access through the app.


Access to records and debugging tools is essential, so XOne allows developers to set the desired logging levels and see the result as needed.

In addition, the debugging tools are integrated into the development environment (IDE), which allows developers to visualize step by step the logic in real time and interrogate variables.

Debugging tools also allow developers to connect to any cloud-based application sample, and remotely debug from their local machine (XOneCloud). Error handling is also critical to provide a smooth and controlled user experience.


When there is a collaboration between several developers in a project, it is important to be able to manage multiple versions and revisions of software.

XOne provides a version control environment, guaranteeing at all times that the versions are automatically normalized, so no additional effort is required to update to new capacities without changes being required.

Version revisions are closely related to the user requirements defined at the project management level, and guarantee transparency throughout the project, highlighting which functionality has been delivered in each revision.


With XOne it is not necessary to invest a lot of time creating an environment to test and solve problems.

Re-compiling the generated code every time a change is made can be rather heavy and slow down the development process drastically, so the platform allows local implementation for rapid tests and iterations with a single click, providing updates to the changes in the model.


According to a recent survey, 83.5% of developers have declared that they need to get good documentation as a resource when they learn something new.

XOne offers users comprehensive and extensive documentation, as well as access to online tutorials and learning routes to keep up with the latest features, trends and developments of the platform.

In addition, it has a Wiki and a Forum, very valuable tools for the community of developers, thanks to which support is obtained, issues are solved and ideas, experiences, resources, good practices are shared ….


Transparency is a key factor of value time.

XOne has integrated capabilities that allow transparency throughout the life cycle of the apps.

The portal of the platform is the core where everyone involved in the development processes of the apps get visibility and the general context of what happens into the apps.

With XOne you get a greater guarantee of success since it provides an extensible methodology to all the processes, which allows to accelerate the time of value for the users.