XOne is the fastest platform to create and evolve 100% native and web apps

The limit only relies on your device

The Robustness and Reliability of our Platform

XOne is the first technology in mobility that offers, under the same environment, the set of tools and services in mobility that the current company needs to be able to develop apps. Having more than 17 years of experience in the sector has allowed us to develop our solutions in all market platforms with the best security and reliability conditions.

To XOne mobility comes first. The projects are analyzed from the point of view of mobility, they are executed in native language and the maximum use of the device's resources is prioritized. You don´t need to do very much...XOne does it for you.

Our Tools and Modules

XOne provides an extensive set of fully integrated development tools, for the entire life cycle of the app, from mobile device management, apps and business data management, synchronization, communication tools, project management, security, assistant integration, development tools ... and much more.

The modules can be used together or separately and make up the most powerful solution to create the market leading mobility apps

User Experience (UX)

XOne follows the guidelines of a user-centered design methodology, adding value to the final result.

The UX allows us to find the balance between the impositions of the technology, the business objectives and the needs of the users.
XOne generates valuable experiences that involve the user and transforms the processes.

Optimizes development times, reduces costs, increases productivity, revenue and user confidence

Speed and Flexibility

We adapt to technological changes and our customers

Speed and Flexibility

XOne guarantees a short learning and the minimum "time to market" per project.
We have the necessary tools that provide users with the services they demand with the speed and flexibility required, while managing and controlling the use and security.
Traditional platforms imply longer delivery times and costs, XOne guarantees agility and speed applying principles of "agile" in the developments, creating apps quickly and with simple tools.

XOne allows the "on air" update of the apps, full updates, by sections or by fraction of code.

Innovation and Continuous Growth

Our R & D department carries out intense research to adapt and integrate XOne solutions to new emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence ... This adaptation is often complex, since it requires multiple and different technologies, as well as specific skills. The Platform allows easily incorporate these new technologies to deliver smart apps that provide other digital sensations and an absolute user experience.

XOne Assist offers the A.I. necessary for the efficient development of apps. Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Virtual Agent, Control of Biometric Parameters, Augmented Reality…

Versatility and Integration

XOne Integration systems allow us to provide mobility to any system, with limited resources. They are easily integrated with third-party systems, thanks to the APIs of the platform. One of the main features that enhance the value of our Platform is the wide range of possibilities it offers when it comes to integrating different systems to manage data in a mobility app.

In short, XOne is an open platform, with full portability, great extensibility that allows a simple and seamless integration with any back-end and evolves according to the needs of the client.

Digital Transformation Strategy

At XOne we have implemented a bimodal IT strategy to develop the capabilities to transform the business, to improve the way we interact with our customers, through the use of digital technologies and to offer more fluid and relevant experiences. Scaling bimodal has allowed us to convert and optimize business processes and exploit technology strategically.

XOne has the necessary tools to digitally transform any company, providing added value to our customers.

We optimize the processes and the interactions between people, organizations and things

By being "low code" you get better control and visibility of workflows and processes, increasing efficiency and production in all senses.

Low-Code Developments

XOne is a low-code development platform, with which it is possible to develop apps by minimizing code development manually, since it is already built and prefigured. Through a visual interface, features that can be integrated by drag and drop, etc., developers with less technical IT knowledge can easily create and deploy apps.
Speed is one of the most important factors in the corporate solutions development.

The changing market demands more and better apps, with fast delivery and continuous improvement.