XOne has a robust Updates System


It is a web component that is responsible for receiving requests from devices, validating them in the app environment and managing the submission of updates from the server side.

Everything is secured by the unique identifier that the device has, this being named in different ways according to the platform, such as IMEI, PIN, UUID or SERIAL.

This means that, if a device is installed the update system without the customer´s permission, it does not have consequences, since this identifier is not registered as valid in the customer´s system, so there is no way to enter into their network.

Can an app be made without pre-registering the device in the server?

Yes, you can make a replica server with self-registration.

XOne has a self-registration system, with which final users can be registered, if they have been authenticated correctly, according to the connection data given and defined by the customer as decided when designing the app.

Self-registration consists of avoiding the need to previously register the devices that will be part of a project with the XOneManager tool.

Web Service that receives the devices queries

Sending updates Management

Updates confirmation by lastversion

Devices validation

Service embedded in the framework of the devices

Initial testing by device registered in the app

Clear and concise information to the user during installation

Allowing several apps at the same device and services to several projects

Operations Log

Securisation by unique identifier

Self-Registration system

Debugging and errors Management