Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Use control and access to company data from mobile devices

Over the last decade, mobile security platforms have evolved along with the needs of customers.

XOne provides a comprehensive solution to enable the use of mobile devices by employees in the business context


XOne´s EMM mets the Android Enterprise Recommended Requirements

In addition to addressing security issues, it helps make employees more productive by providing them with the tools they need to complete their tasks.

It offers a comprehensive management of business mobility, including Information Management (MIM), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Apps Management(MAM).

With EMM you can manage in a single console, a set of different devices from different platforms such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry,  Windows …


Mobile Application Management manages mobile apps, controlling users who access apps from business devices.


Mobile Device Management allows to manage remotely and secure professional devices, protecting corporate data at all times.

What do the XOne EEM solutions provide?

Mobile Productivity

Increase employee productivity in BYOD devices without putting security at risk. Adapting to the need and diversity of devices of each business.

Security and Compliance

They provide end-to-end business quality security for devices, data and mobile apps.

Mobile Device Management

They configure, protect and offer support and management to mobile devices. Easily control any type of information and save it in the history.

Mobile Apps Management

They protect the app-level information and the management of enterprise-grade mobile apps from end to end.

Management and Control of Resources

They allow the control of expenses and efficient management of all resources related to mobile devices, as well as optimize the management of mobile telecommunications.


They help in the resolution of incidents thanks to their control functions. They facilitate the tracking of incidents, avoiding delays or even the loss of devices.


Administering unified endpoints on a large scale. Protecting and controlling at all times the O.S. and their apps.

Cross Platform Management

They allow to obtain visibility and control of iOS, Android, Windows devices from a single platform, integrating the existing infrastructure in a secure way.

How does XOne manage the business mobility?

by XOneManager

It is an operative tool that facilitates work. All the information is managed from XOneManager, the searched data are always readily available.

The XOneManager tool allows the inventory of devices, including information of the terminal, installed software or user of it.

It also allows you to manage the remote installation of apps, as well as their version management, visualizing the status at any time through a simple interface web.

XOneManager functionalities

  • Installation of devices from scratch.
  • Updates of apps, databases, libraries, platforms
  • Display of the status of the different devices, terminals
  • Addition of new devices.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Data duplication system for different devices.
  • Deletion of data in case of theft or loss of the device.
  • Error Control.
  • Data reports.
  • Devices inquiries according to Platform
  • Monitoring the battery status of the device
  • Display of the application screens.
  • Percentage of memory used.
  • Self-registration system.
  • Backups




XOne promotes the BYOD strategy in the business environment as a competitive advantage

One of the trends that has gained most impact in companies lately is the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy, driven by the evolution of technology and the increase in the presence of smartphones, tablets and wearables …

With BYOD, personal and professional apps are mixed, since the employees of the company contribute their own device for daily work, instead of the terminal that the company can provide.

The technical professionals and experts network (own or subcontracted) of the large insurance companies, who use the XOne platform, make use of this strategy as part of an agile work tool that allows them to carry out their tasks and connect to the network and corporate resources, choosing the best time and place to do them!

BYOD system provides important benefits for both companies and individuals:

Increase productivity and innovation to be able to dispose of corporate resources at any time and place, or collaborate with professionals in mobility, without forgetting the financial benefit, and the best reconciliation between work and personal life.

XOne implements adequate security policies, so that neither data nor confidential information is put at risk.