The XOne Communications system allows mobile apps to work independently of the existence of communication links

Data Replica is one of the XOne most attractive features

One of the main needs of a mobility system is communication with the central, since the data entered in the terminals have to be incorporated into the management systems.

In the same way, terminals must receive data from the exchange, so that mobile operators remain updated.

Without data transmission, mobility apps would make little sense in business systems.




The XOne Replica system allows communication to be performed asynchronously, safely and unattended.

When there are communications the replica transmits and receives data.

When there is not, the replica looks for ways to connect to communicate with the central.

The apps can keep working with local copies of data, so users can continue working even if there are no connections.

XOne mobilizes different apps within the same company, using the same Replica server.

Inter-communicates the different devices that are being used in a project, Android, iPhone, PC, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry … maintaining the referential integrity of all data, transparently.

XOne, also, allows the Documental Replica, that is, the transfer of files and images. This mechanism enables certain fields in the database to be used as references to files that will be transmitted between the client and the server.

Replica Server

Interconnection with DB systems

Multimaster Replica

External and Internal Selectivity

Integrity Maintenance


Documental Replica

Load Balancing

Servers in Cloud

Security in Transmissions

Terminals Recovery

Operations Log

Conflicts Resolution

Remote Copies to DB

Replica Server Tasks

Accept customer requests

Customer requests are commands for sending and receiving data, configuration and administration, etc. Commands are received via TCP / IP.

Processing data

 Processing the data sent by the customers to insert them into the different DB.

Manage customer selectivity

The selectivity tables contain the rules that operations must comply with, to go to each client of each DB.

Data interconnection

Interconnects the different DB systems installed on the server or replica customer, depending on the device to be used.