One of the strategic objectives of XOne is to join forces between Companies and Organizations in the framework of a multidisciplinary project, since establishing a relationship with others can bring us mutual benefits

To complement the set of knowledge and skills we have the participation of a consolidated network of associated Partners.

Our Partners act as sellers, and as such are authorized to distribute and market XOne technology products to their customers , as well as offer support, training, maintenance and additional consulting services requested by them.

If you want to be part of XOne, offer your services with conditions that benefit everyone and have greater visibility in your sales channel, contact us!


Why become a XOne Partner?

Because we are market leaders.

Because we are experts in mobility technologies and multi-experience developments.

Because we offer quality solutions and high productivity at all levels.

Because we prioritize mobile technologies that will have a great impact on Organizations.

Because our technology is flexible and adaptable.

Because we impact productivity by offering mobile  native solutions with multimodal interactions.

In short, being PARTNERS XOne will offer independent software vendors and developers a wide range of benefits and opportunities to provide assistance throughout the product life cycle, from planning, to development as well as the marketing and sale of their applications.