XOne Android Developer Framework

XOne Cloud is a collaborative web development tool designed to facilitate the work of XOne programmers who wish to develop native mobile apps in any of the market platforms.

It guarantees a high productivity of the programmer, providing in the same environment tools for the creation, modification, compilation, implementation, debugging and distribution of apps.

From this moment, XOne has released the Framework for Developers in the Android Play Store and it is expected to be  released soon for the iOS environment too.

It is a very easy to use tool, you just have to sign up, follow our tutorials and directly test your apps developed with XOne, quickly and efficiently.

You can get successful projects, starting from scratch and in minimum times !!!

In addition, it has programming support and standard templates that allow the developer to carry out any project in mobility.

The tool is updated automatically and offers fully scalable final solutions that can be modified and / or expanded quickly and intuitively.

XOne Cloud allows the development of simple pilots of little complexity for few users and also large projects with complex technologies integrated in mobility for thousands of different devices.

… And all this integrated with DevOps tools, which will allow continuous planning of processes, collaborative developments, continuous testing, deployment, continuous publication and monitoring, optimization and collaborative feedback from clients … so that you can have control of each project, from its inception to its production start-up, and thanks to its MAM and MDM you can count on integrated user support.

What are you waiting for to make your ideas come true ???

Download our tool and check everything you can do!!!!