XOne, recognized as an innovative entity

By 05/10/2020 News

The blockchain BLOCKPCT network is the largest registry of innovative companies and entities in Spain, with the ability to prove it to any organization that requests it.
XOne is one of the companies registered as an innovative entity in the private and independent blockchain network of Spanish science and technology parks, BLOCKPCT, promoted by the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE) with the collaboration of Telefonica.

Processed through the Foundation FUNDECYT Science and Technology Park of Extremadura, where it has its headquarters, the certification seeks to become a reference for public consultation for companies and organizations from different national and international areas.

The network will offer fast and secure access to this technology to more than 8,000 companies and organizations located in the 52 science and technology parks that are members of the Association.

In addition, they will be given free access for 3 months to test the different applications that the network provides, as well as the two use cases that will already be deployed on the network, related to the certification of innovative entities and the tokenization of the activity.

The goal of the network is that companies and entities are able to develop blockchain-based activities.

In the network, companies that do not have much knowledge in blockchain and companies that do have it can develop activities. For the former, the network provides them with virtual assistants or APIs that will help them create their proofs of concept and for companies with great knowledge can work directly with the blockchain layer and develop new APIs that feed the current range of APIs with new features that allow other functions.

It is built under Telefonica’s own technology called TrustOS, and in which science and technology parks control the nodes of it.

In order to carry out activities in this network, companies do not have to have great knowledge of this technology, nor make any kind of investment, since the network itself will provide them with a friendly, as well as reliable, environment in which companies and entities will be able to easily test for which specific activities of their daily work they can use the following TrustOS APIs:

TRACK: allows the traceability of digital assets in blockchain.

TOKEN: helps to create and manage transferable value to build new markets or develop gamification strategies.

TRUST: enables copies of information from the blockchain private network to the public network to provide more transparency to the activity.

SETTLE: facilitates operations such as financial reconciliation of various entities.