At XOne we have the tools and skills necessary to adapt technology to our customers.


XOne is compatible with all environments and O.S. of the market. XOne apps work in the main operating systems, without the need to create a different version for each device.

Write the code only once, and run on all platforms.


XOne prioritizes the security of the Platform and its apps. It provides total security throughout the process, as well as the transfer of secure information at different levels.

XOne provides maximum end-to-end security

Our security tools offer deep integration beyond the identification of common security errors. Transfer of secured information at different levels.


XOne provides an immediate user experience and direct use. Our apps are fast and easy to use on any device. With very little or no previous training

New ways of understanding and interacting with the client.

Our apps are light, intuitive, fast and easy to implement.


XOne allows multiple possibilities when configuring your environments, whether they are development, pre-production or production. It offers the possibility of implementation in local, in the customer´s installations, over any DB manager, (Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL ...) or in the cloud (Azure, Amazon Web Services ...)

XOne offers a continuous and guaranteed evolution.


XOne apps combine multiple data sources to offer new systems of differentiation and innovation.

XOne allows you to manage your app's data storage, optimize your queries and manage security.


Our tools collect and report on the data in the app related to the operation of the mobile app and the behavior of users within the application.

XOne deploys specific analytic tools for use cases, ensuring that a combination of tools does not adversely affect the performance of applications.


XOne has a robust, intelligent and guaranteed communication system.XOne has a robust, intelligent and guaranteed communication system.
El The Integration Bus integrates with any back-end that interconnects the customer´s system with XOne, with minimal changes and in a secure way.
Server-client communications. Specialized communications through VPN.

On-line, off-line and push Communications


Empowered with diverse functionalities like remote management of apps, management of devices and information, immediate recovery before disaster, copies of centralized security of each device …

EMM connects mobile devices to the business infrastructure, verifies compliance with business policies and protects against data loss.


XOne has its own IDE to create optimal, easy and fast apps. In the cloud, from any browser. In addition, it includes a visual interface designer, an emulator and debugging tools, as well as mobile app testing automation tools.

It is 100% collaborative (operating with the same code). No need to install anything. Autosave of projects. “Hot swap” developments. Debugging on real devices.


XOne allows adding different functions to each app, incorporating the use of the most used technologies in mobility such as GPS, QR Code, NFC, wireless printing, advanced signatures, printing, video streaming, payment gateways… and many more.


Complete code control with version management, development history, conflict resolution with codes from different sources. It has code extensibility to develop external plugging through its own API. With code modularity. Reuse of native code in XOne apps. Limited capacity of developments in mobility.


It provides the fundamental server-side capabilities required for mobile applications, such as User Management, Analytics, Storage. Data integration and encryption, Push notifications, Localization services …


XOne focuses on communication, collaboration and team integration

XOne Platform offers tools that support a collaborative approach from the life cycle of the apps perspective.

XOne facilitates continuous delivery, version management, specific analysis of mobile apps … in order to get a high productivity and quality final product.

XOne driven by the new demands of customers and the convergence of emerging technologies, maintains a firm commitment to continuous evolution to offer the user diverse digital experiences and multichannel functionalities.

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