Vectalia – ORA management: regulated parking service

By 17/10/2018 News

The Vectalia group is one of the leading leading groups in passenger mobility management operating in Spain. Among its different branches of business diversification, a line of business dedicated to the management sector of car parks or service stations stands out.

In this sector, and to meet mobility needs, the Vectalia Group and the XOne Multi-Experience Development Platform have launched a mobility application to manage the Blue Zone Service.

The application for the management of Zona Azul is a modular solution, very intuitive to use, which mobilizes the management of sanctions, the technical monitoring of incidents and the fines that occur on public roads, optimizing the work carried out by the different agents that intervene in the sanctioning processes.


To date, the application has been implemented in the cities of Benidorm, Alicante and Santiago de Compostela, and is expected to be installed soon in other cities.

The exclusive integration model allows the information to be quickly incorporated from the device into the central municipal management system without interference between the two.

Among the various features of the application, the management of fines and complaints, management of parking meters, management and control of users, warning system, management and tracking of complaints, positioning geolocation …

As a final result, the application manages optimally and precisely the regulated parking areas, facilitating the work to the user, achieving, at the same time, shorten response times, manage staff more efficiently, improve the quality of service and offer at all times accurate and truthful information to the citizen. In addition to being an indispensable service for good urban mobility in which a dynamic, continuous and effective cooperation with local administrations is essential.