XOne enhances the skills and experiences of its tools

Smart and interconnected Apps, optimized with A.I.

XOne, has evolved towards new types of interactions beyond the traditional mobile apps, and is betting on technologies that support multiple channels, interactions and user experiences.

XOne apps offer innovative, dynamic and mobile apps intended for all kinds of companies. They have advanced Communication systems powered by Machine Learning and are able to anticipate the data and environments to the user´s needs, so that they can operate under any context or condition.

XOne develops native apps with new ways to understand and interact with the user

We design solutions focused on the user’s interaction with the device and immerse themselves in a virtual world !!!

XOne, Low-Code Development Platform, has evolved to focus on valuable use cases, which go beyond a mobile device and an app, supporting the design and creation of integrated, customized and environmental experiences, covering multiple points of digital contact.

To achieve continuous integration and delivery across a variety of apps and experiences, the XOne Platform supports and works with broader DevOps tools and practices.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

XOne offers solutions enabled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize workflows, employee commitment and productivity.
Machine Learning, to make optimal decisions and develop better business actions. Virtual Assistant for user experiences.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

The data integration of Internet of Things (IoT) into workflows to track, quantify and evaluate business activities, predict trends and allow for faster response times.

Wereables for greater agility and accessibility.


Microapps guarantee a uniform experience to carry out a particular user task, through multiple channels. They are customer-oriented, and created to provide specific functionality to perform tasks faster and more dynamically.

Control of Biometric Parameters

The importance of protecting corporate communications and data from cyber threats. XOne provides Biometric authentication methods to identify, measure and analyze human behavior.

Interactions between people and technology.


XOne adapts an approach to develop apps as a series of small services, each running autonomously and communicating with each other, which provides greater agility, scalability and reusability.

They allow stand-alone developments and deployments. They respond fast to user requests and can quickly deploy new versions.

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Multiexperience tools

XOne provides the right tools for design, development and execution to better unify and accelerate the development of apps and provide the right experiences for customers, partners and users.

The limit is set by your device.

Mobile Apps Analytics

Mobile apps analysis tools are most commonly used in customer-oriented applications, offering operational and behavioral information.

They are part of a unified mobile app analysis plan, in order to effectively manage and quantify the quality and success of XOne mobile native and web apps.

Native Frameworks Multiplatform

XOne has cross-platform native frameworks as part of its front-end development strategy, to create and develop native apps on any platform (iOS, Android, Windows …)

Gartner predicts that, by the year 2020, more than half of the main processes and new business systems will incorporate some element of IoT (Internet Of Things).

MultiExperience Evolving

XOne goes further, and in response to market demand, it has become a Multiexperience Development Platform, adopting new ways of interacting with mobile apps to keep users interested, as mobility becomes the gateway entry to the digital business.

XOne offers professional developers and users a wide range of user development tools, as well as back-end services that allow rapid and scalable development of integrated, secure and environmental user experiences on devices and channels.

XOne apps are 100% native apps that not only run on the web and mobile devices, but also extend by means of new experiences through the emerging network of digital devices.