Mobilization of Navantia’s technical service

By 19/10/2018 News

The Spanish naval construction and repair company, Navantia, has recently implemented the mobilization of some of its internal management processes with the XOne Low-code and Multiexperience Development Platform.

Due to the great demand they face, the great deployment of their services in different shipyards around the world, and being positioned as an international benchmark in this sector, they needed to have an application as they effectively managed all the phases that intervene in the work orders derived from the different types of maintenance carried out by their technicians in their fleet of ships.

In addition, they wanted a flexible, adapted and personalized service that would facilitate autonomy for their technicians and reduce manual processes.

The application that XOne has developed for the El Ferrol, Cádiz and Cartagena plants, has been a technical service that mobilizes the support tasks carried out by the Navantia technicians, mainly focused on the work orders associated with each of them. the preventive and corrective maintenance tasks necessary for the optimization of the naval manufacturing processes, as well as the support actions, inspections, breakdowns, updates … and other actions carried out.

The application consists of a series of generic modules for simple maintenance, and can be extended with the addition of additional modules. It has various features, such as:

  • Notice management.
  • Location of devices.
  • Reassignment of tasks by priority.
  • Document management.
  • Photography and video.
  • Signature on device.

As a final result, the application has streamlined processes and shortened response times and resolution of incidents, which has made it possible to more efficiently manage technical staff, fully improving the quality of their services and offering accurate and truthful information. the users.

In short, the XOne application for Navantia has achieved:

  • Manage the technicians’ agenda.
  • Optimize maintenance tasks.
  • Inform instantly of the actions taken.
  • Control the times used.
  • Inform about the materials used.
  • Request the necessary parts.

The project has been implemented throughout the year 2015 and has been praised and valued positively by Navantia executives when exceeding the quality expectations initially required.

The application mobilized in its beginnings more than 100 devices, valid for different platforms such as Windows Mobile, or Android, and are already making efforts to expand the licenses. The integration was made with SAP R3.

Currently, Navantia has contracted the training module of XOne in order to train its maintenance technicians on the platform, to, in the future, carry out the developments internally.

From XOne we thank Navantia for the trust placed in us and we trust that the use of our technology continues to provide them with countless advantages.