Iberdrola incident management

By 19/10/2018 News

Iberdrola, together with the XOne low-code and multi-experience development platform, have launched a pioneering system to mobilize incident management and work orders in the field. In this way, it is possible to optimize the tasks of the work brigades in the distribution area.

The volume of users implanted in this new system with this Android app reaches more than 600 devices nationwide.

Through this mobile application, which XOne develops with Iberdrola since 2009, the field technicians of the electric company can know in real time the existence of incidents in the client’s facilities and have all the necessary information in their mobile terminal. for the management of them.

They can know the exact location of the incident, the type of installation, consult the history and operate the network in real time for resolution.

The ultimate goal is to achieve an even greater reduction in time for the resolution of incidents that affect supply.

Currently, a new specific mobile application has just been developed for use on devices with the iOS operating system, from which you can consult, in real time, all kinds of information about the incidents in progress, as well as access the historical and extract different types of reports and graphs that provide an overview of the situation of the company’s electricity network.

Iberdrola has generation facilities with an installed capacity of 1,971 megawatts (MW), a large electrical distribution network and a staff of 310 employees. During 2015, the activity of the company in this region generated an economic impact of 188 million euros, mainly through purchases made to 140 suppliers, worth 19 million euros; to the investments executed, for around 66 million euros; and the fiscal impact of economic activity, which exceeded 89 million.