Our priority is our customers safety

The corporate solutions must provide not only the capabilities for which they are enabled, but also, address a global strategy to meet the increasingly complex needs of today's organizations.

To achieve this and help companies stay competitive, XOne simultaneously projects several key needs in data transfer.

XOne is able to support the rapid development of a wide range of corporate apps and solutions, while ensuring that companies maintain the control they need.

Business Security

XOne includes comprehensive enterprise-level security features for apps, identity management, device authentication, access to role-based and user-based platforms, and cloud security, including intrusion detection ... etc.

To ensure that only the right people have access to the data, XOne corporate solutions include encryption to protect data from apps, infrastructure and endpoints.
Security is the key and data is protected at all times.
XOne, also, carries out exhaustive analyzes to show that its security measures align with the company needs.

Scalability and Availability

Unlike most market offerings that focus only on scalable functionality, the enterprise architecture of the platform is designed from scratch for a massive scale of data, taking advantage of object-based storage and the infrastructures offered by public clouds.

It has the necessary talent, depth and robustness of the product and the customer base to truly understand and satisfy the needs of companies, in order to be more decisive and adopt smarter decisions.

Efficiency and cost optimization

Given the sensitivity to the costs currently faced by the modern company, XOne’s corporate solutions work very effectively in this regard.

It has all the necessary security actions to handle more than backups and also facilitate data storage, migration of the O.S., disaster recovery, business continuity and data management.

Our solutions deliver complete and total security in every way.

Without interruptions

To avoid hampering the workflows of the end user, XOne solutions allow users to continue with their daily work, while backups are made.

The low impact on employee productivity is key, especially when we talk about technologies that, if not designed correctly, could affect productivity and cause problems for the end user and the company in the long term.

Low Impact Performance

Each app that uses the infrastructure occupies bandwidth, storage and system resources, that’s why XOne corporate solutions are highly trained to handle data quickly.

Besides, they are designed to allow the company to manage these resources accordingly, and use modern data technologies to perform the work efficiently.

By enabling efficient data reduction, XOne offers drastic savings in bandwidth consumption, which means faster backups. It has the necessary tools to adapt the product to its environment, without generating too much load and impact.

Global Compliance

To comply with local, state and international regulations, XOne has solid data management tools.

XOne corporate solutions allow you to define policies efficiently, implement controls and capture, manage and access data over time.

Integration in the Ecosystem

XOne solutions are integrated with the existing IT framework of the company in order to minimize business interruption, take advantage of previous investments and decompose isolated workflows.

The platform provides APIs and the necessary tools to interconnect with the customer systems and allow interconnection to automate this type of data transfer in order to simplify a complex business workflow.


XOne offers the freedom to implement production systems in virtually any local infrastructure or in the cloud.

Cloud portability is a requirement for geographical considerations, adequacy to legality, flexibility or risk management.

Customers need to have a flexibility that allows business continuity in case of disaster, security risk … etc.

Implementation and Administration of apps

The Platform supports the implementation of tools that allow the administration and management of the apps.

In addition, it has an EMM that is responsible for implementing, protecting, monitoring, integrating and managing mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets … in the workplace.

The ultimate goal of the EMM is to optimize the functionality and security of mobile devices within the company, while protecting all corporate networks

Software Quality

XOne has one of the most complete portfolios in the software quality tools market.

Tools such as Unit and Integration tests, Performance, high quality Monitoring and Control tools that manage maintenance of the apps since they are built.