Enterpise Mobility Management (EMM)

By 17/10/2018 News

XOne EMM is a comprehensive business mobility solution that will help companies manage all their mobile devices in order to determine how mobile technology should be integrated with the company’s work processes and objectives, and how to support workers when They are using mobile devices in their daily tasks.

In addition to addressing security issues, it improves employee productivity by providing them with the tools they need to successfully perform their tasks without risking security.

In recent years, the complexity of business mobility systems has increased considerably. More devices and more mobile work by employees means that companies must find solutions that allow management inside and outside the office and even in the BYOD devices of mobile employees.

The enterprise mobility management (EMM) is a solution for all types of devices and platforms that centralizes the administration, configuration and security of all the devices of an organization, both personal (BYOD) and corporate.

XOne EMM goes beyond conventional device management, as it encompasses the management and configuration of content and business applications.

XOne EMM solutions include MDM (Mobile Device Manager) MAM (Mobile Application Manager), Mobile Content Management (MCM), Identity Management for access control and productivity applications to facilitate access to email, calendar, contacts, corporate content and intranet repositories.

-Why choose XOne EMM?

-Because the needs of the company are aligned with the XOne mobile solutions.

-Because we offer a quality customer service, at all times, from start to finish.

-Because XOne EMM optimizes the integration with the systems of the company, always with the best results.

-Because the security of our clients is the most important thing for us.

With XOne EMM, among many other advantages, administrators can limit the use of mobile applications (both company and personal), gain visibility into the use of the application, such as available storage and access locations, use remote erasure for lost or stolen devices, it allows to have control of the content and the applications that the employees handle in the devices, to offer total security in the information that the employees handle in their mobile devices …

In short XOne EMM simplifies and ensures the management of mobile devices, providing the technical capabilities to facilitate administration and IT security, offering at all times a pleasant and easy experience for the user.