Sacyr rewards the innovative vision of mobility.

By 20/01/2019 News

Sacyr rewards the innovative vision of mobility.

Sacyr has wished to recognize teamwork, highlighting the collective effort of Carlos Montero and Gonzalo Herranz from Valoriza Medio Ambiente. The award rewards his innovative vision of mobility, his technical knowledge, his experience and contribution to the development of innovative control systems for the optimization and improvement of mobility services, as well as his participation in the development of systems for regulated parking services and payment applications of parking meters with innovative features.

After a close collaboration dating back several years with Sacyr, XOne technology has been part of the development of this award-winning mobility app, thanks to which an optimized management of regulated parking services is obtained, making possible its implementation, exploitation , management, control and maintenance in several urban areas all over the country.

The app, in addition to the functionalities and features of this type of solutions designed to control the regulatory processes of the sector, has different innovative features, highlighting the functionality of receiving alerts to the controller about possible infractions that take place on public roads, showing real images of the potentially reportable vehicle.

Likewise, the controller will visualize on a map the real location of the possible infraction, for its subsequent evaluation and pertinent report.

Apps developed with the XOne technology facilitate the work to the user while offering optimal experiences, managing to shorten the response times, and efficiently manage the staff, which drives the improvement of the service quality and solves real problems.