Carsharing: Mobile mobility

By 20/05/2019 News

XOne continues to bet heavily on new technological trends and joins an emerging initiative that is having great acceptance in other countries: carsharing, which allows renting electric vehicles per minute.

Following the guidelines of the client, the Ruiz Group, XOne technology has developed a mobility app that allows managing the carsharing service, offering its users a fleet of over fifty electric vehicles, for short periods of time, that is, it consists of the use of the same vehicle by several people, taking advantage of the time that the vehicle remains stopped, thus reducing the number of vehicles needed to satisfy a mobility.

All its operation is managed and performed through the mobile phone, so that to start and stop it, no key is required. This type of “rent” must be previously reserved through the mobile app, it is paid for the use made of it, either for the time and / or mileage performed, being invoiced at the end of the month.

This system is positioned as an alternative to the rental of a vehicle, private car, taxi and public transport, also encouraging their use and eliminating the costs associated to them, fixed costs such as taxes and insurance, or variables such as maintenance, parking, cleaning, etc. The mobility app will be used by end users who want to hire a vehicle, it is currently available for Android and iOS systems and has capabilities such as payment control, account control, vehicle start and stop system, photo collection and / or videos that indicate vehicle status, geolocation data capture, integration with OpenStreetMap map, integration with payment methods …

In addition, it has a central app that allows managing data, accounts and user payments, as well as a system of interaction with the vehicle’s control device.

To use this service, you do not need a B1 driver’s license, you can drive a maximum of 50 kilometers per hour, you can use the bus lane and park in the parking lots for motorcycles that are available throughout the city.

Its design is simple and offers a very intuitive user experience, making it very easy and convenient to use.

Get improved the mobility in your city and, all are advantages !!!