By 19/10/2018 News

For several years now, the company dedicated to the Construction and Conservation of Civil and Industrial Works, PAVASAL, and the XOne Low-code and Multiexperience Development Platform, maintain a cordial commercial relationship.

The mobility application that was successfully implemented in PAVASAL, has allowed to manage the regulated parking service in various locations in the area, in locations such as Calpe, Villena, Alzira, Callosa, Villajoyosa, Cullera and Vinaroz, and has been characterized for being mainly a Management of Human Resources that intervene in the sanctioning processes of the public road.

The application has had various features such as complaint management, parking meter management, canceled seat management, user situation control, imposition of complaints, control of disabled seats, parking meter fault reports, messaging, resident license plate check , control of records … etc.

In addition to the above, it has also allowed linking with the management of cranes to remove vehicles from public roads, thus mobilizing the processes ranging from the hitch of the vehicle to its scrapping, if necessary, passing through different deposits.

As a final result, the application has managed to optimally and precisely manage the regulated parking areas, known as «Blue Zone».

This successful and fruitful business relationship has allowed PAVAPARK MOBILITY managers to value their experience with XOne, dedicating the following lines:

“As responsible for Systems of PAVAPARK MOBILITY SL, I value our relationship with the XOne Platform as very positive. The implementation of this platform has improved our production system in the different Regulated Parking lots that we manage and that has brought about a technological change in our Complaints Management System.

In a sector such as mobility, where we have to control and monitor large volumes of devices, an integral platform is essential to serve as a tool to manage and manage the solution remotely and for multiple devices.

Regarding the relationship with the technical part of XOne, I must say that they have always tried to provide solutions to any type of incident, even when the incidence had not had a direct relationship with the XOne platform. In addition, the response times in general lines have been adequate considering that precisely those times are critical in the public services we provide.

The communication with the commercial part has always been close and fluid. In addition, requests for new developments have been addressed taking into account that many times we need some urgency in the face of new tenders that we have to advance in innovation.

In short, we consider the XOne platform a reliable and reliable partner to undertake any type of technological development. “

From XOne we want to thank you for such sincere and emotional words. For us it is a pride and satisfaction to have such important clients as PAVASAL, without a doubt, we will continue with our work, and we will continue to offer our support, attention and support at all times.