How does XOne assist developers?

Learn about our rapid development tools to scale and accelerate the mobile apps delivery

XOne has the definitive solution to develop native mobile apps in any of the market platforms, also exploring the development of multiexperience to optimize digital business strategies.

Native agile developments to work in any environment and integrate with any backend.

Our own IDE, provides the ability to produce, implement and manage mobile apps for your own line of business with the connectivity, security and flexibility you need, without increasing the development burden on IT resources.

The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) facilitates the work of the developer and maximizes productivity.
You do not need to install anything. It is 100% collaborative, with debugging and immediate results. It allows the connection to different devices wireless, with total view of your programming in real time.
Allows Integration with Cloud backup systems.

XOneCloud meets the necessary requirements to carry out low-code multiplatform programming optimally, simply, quickly and efficiently.

A person, using a simple tool, will be able of anything ... even the most challenging thing.

Creating mobile apps does not have to be difficult, if you know what you want. If you already have a clear design.

You just have to start programming!!

XOne allows you to transform your ideas into real native mobile apps.

You can publish updates from your IDE at the Production environment, with version control.

What it would have cost a few years ago to invest a lot of time, effort, support and dedication, today XOne makes it possible thanks to the XOneCloudStudio tool, designed to develop simple and intuitive apps, from scratch, without the need of programming knowledge.

Building an app and providing it with the desired design and functionality without having any programming knowledge is perfectly possible with XOne.

Twenty minutes is all you need to achieve the idea that comes to your mind!

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