XOne, the technology that drives your carsharing service

By 09/03/2020 Events, News

The way in which the means of transportation are used has changed radically. The use of IoT in transport favors sustainable mobility, as it has allowed users to contact services and users with other users in a matter of seconds.
Carsharing of electric vehicles is one of the many examples of how the city benefits from the Internet of Things, since in large cities there are large fleets of this type of vehicles made available to citizens, who can rent them in a matter of minutes, pay directly with the device, assess the condition of the car, open an incident …
Thanks to the trust placed by the Ruiz Group, an expert company in urban transport management and concessionaire of 10 of the most important Spanish cities, XOne has developed a mobility app that allows to manage the service of shared vehicles in the city of Badajoz.
The app named MiniTS allows you to rent the vehicle for minutes. With a simple design it offers a very intuitive user experience, making the app very easy to use.

The user should only download the app, for free in the virtual markets App Store and Google Play, registers and buy the minutes of use wanted. Once  the nearest available vehicle is located, by using the app itself, may make use of it, starting the vehicle and paying for the driving minutes, taking pictures… everything is done from the device.
Once the journey is finished, the user can park the vehicle in any parking space, provided that it is accessible to everyone, public and free, and is within the Minits Area,
IoT is already a reality that is growing by leaps and bounds in our society and the intention of acquiring and using IoT devices or solutions is growing, especially if these solutions respond to consumer expectations as a user experience and sustainability.