Mobile Tech, catalyst of business development in the Energy & Utilities field

By 28/05/2019 Events, News



The energy sector is facing a radical transformation driven by the digital innovation of processes.

New digital technologies and changing market expectations are creating a new, more complex, dynamic competitive and challenging model based on apps that go beyond the mobile device.

XOne puts all its energy to promote the sector, for it, has a deep knowledge in development of energy solutions based on emerging technologies for the implementation of measures to optimize the control and management of the processes involved and cost savings .

Managing the needs of the service in an integral way are key factors for the sector and one of the challenges of XOne.

In order to deal with this new scenario in the Energy & Utilities sector, XOne together with COMPUTERWORLD will organize a discussion panel in Madrid, next May 29 at 10:00 h. at the Orfila Hotel, where these and other relevant key issues for the development of the energy sector will be discussed, and the benefits and advantages of the XOne Technical Service program will be announced.

The main goal of XOne SAT is to provide workers in the field with a simple tool that connects them with the company, through any mobile device, IoT or wearable, with total security and in real time.

It allows to maximize the productive use of field and plant resources, optimize work times, save costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Therefore, XOne enterprise mobility multiexperience solutions are the main work tool for employees who work abroad.

Thanks to the integral solutions that XOne offers to its clients, the automation and systematization of activities allow improving processes and optimizing them. Avoiding slowing the flow of information and encouraging decision-making in real time.

With the experience of working in the entire value chain, at XOne we are trained to identify and lead the operational transformation that achieves excellence in execution, improve productivity thanks to the integration of processes to get more strong results.

The event will also deal with topics such as the optimal tools to effectively manage resources, security in connections, data connectivity, adaptation to market changes, the main barriers and challenges facing the sector, the incorporation of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Wearables … In short, as the concepts of mobility, efficiency and productivity are protagonists and how the XOne mobility apps are reinventing the way of working in an increasingly competitive market.