New functionalities and Platform upgrades

XOne 2021 MXDP Review

Optimal Multiexperience performance

In this new 2021 Magic Quadrant, XOne has again been considered as a NICHE PLAYER.

XOne’s MXDP provides great model-based development capabilities and AI user features.

Its XOneCloud Studio is available as a browser-based or traditional desktop version.  When developing apps, the virtual assistant suggests code snippets for reuse to accelerate product development.

The development experience offers a variety of modes and testing tools are integrated into the platform.  Both the Studio and Playground tools offer process modeling, which makes programming much easier for the developer.

XOne broadly supports the enterprise application development lifecycle, including XOne for SAP, a version of the Platform designed to extend S/4HANA to web and mobile experiences.

Product Strategy

XOne offers new features that enable developers to create Augmented Reality and mixed immersive applications within its Platform. The acquisition of XOne Storyboard and XOne Playground technologies offers enhanced support for visual and low-code development.

Product Feasibility

XOne establishes consistent revenue streams from the training and certification services it offers, in addition to innovative professional development services and product licensing.

There is a high demand for digitization from customers and an effective partner network.

Sales and Pricing Execution

XOne has grown strongly in recent years and continues to offer flexible licensing plans for its customers. These plans include self-hosted or XOne-hosted PaaS plans for enterprises, licenses for individuals, and purchasing training and support services.

Low-code Developments

The XOne MXDP is composed of XOneCloud, XOne Playground, and XOne Assist.  The offering is primarily focused on accelerating MultiExperience application development, offering flexibility in deployment targets and requiring less coding effort from developers.

Conversational Apps

XOne’s highest score was for conversational App development use cases.

Best score

XOne scored best in Micro apps and Superapps patterns, Artificial Intelligence services, and critical DevOps support capabilities.