What Gartner analysts think about XOne?

Highest score in customer service and support

XOne was rated higher than the average of all MQ vendors by its customers for overall vendor experience and service and support.
Many of the customers have been with XOne for over seven years, reflecting a strong level of commitment to customer satisfaction on the part of the company, as XOne evolves to meet more multi-experience requirements.

Price flexibility

XOne grew considerably in 2019, significantly increasing its client portfolio, to which it offers various options for acquiring the platform, with different subscription modalities, permanent licenses, types of support tailored to the client… The main reason why reference customers select XOne is because of its competitive prices and flexibility.
In addition, XOne scored above average in contract negotiations, contract pricing and flexibility, and value for money.

Platform High Capabilities

XOne’s expertise lies in mobile application development, specifically using its patented framework to generate native mobile applications for iOS, Android and even Windows 10 and Windows Mobile.
The platform also offers mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) capabilities to help secure, deploy and manage mobile applications, in addition to a variety of technical capabilities and high-level development tools.