What they say about us?

"Working with the XOne Tool, allows us to face mobility projects focusing only on the functional needs of the customer. Customers value very positively that their mobility solution provider guarantees them the investment made ,because if there is any change of device or version, it is transparent to them ,no matter how complex the application is, which no other platform allows. The multiple solutions that we have developed over the years with XOne, along with an ideal work methodology, make our customers see us as part of their organization and not as an application vendor".

Jordi Segura, JSV

"The implementation of the XOne Platform has improved our production system in the different Regulated Parking operations, and has meant a technological change in our Complaint Management System. In short, we believe that it is essential to have a tool like XOne that allows for the remote and efficient management and administration of multiple devices".

Sergio CastellarPAVAPARK

"Thanks to XOne, we have increased the number of devices by 50% and we now have more than 600 devices to manage and resolve incidents in the homes of all our policyholders in Spain. The model will soon be exported to France, in order to optimize the management of expertise tasks carried out by all our agents in France, which we hope will be as successful as in Spain".


XOne has successfully resolved the mobilization of our Sales Force management in record time (15 days from the initial meeting to production). The tool is so useful that we have decided to use it for new developments in the near future, with the purpose of optimizing and managing in a personalized way the processes of all our commercial network.


Thanks to the XOne tool, we have managed to reduce 85% of our operators' message consumption, and the application's performance has already been replicated in France. The result obtained thanks to the XOne platform, has been a mobile application that allows us to manage and optimize the agenda of our maintenance technicians effectively, as well as to report instantly on the actions taken.