By 19/10/2018 News

The application that XOne has developed for Adwen, the German wind division acquired by the giant Siemens-Gamesa aims to improve the management of the technical service responsible for the maintenance of wind turbines.

The solution integrates SAP r3, and allows the improvement and complete monitoring of the orders and work parts of the technicians that intervene in the process.

Adwen is a joint venture between Areva and Gamesa, two multinational giants that lead the world energy sector, united to be important members in the offshore wind energy industry.

Taking advantage of Areva’s track record in offshore wind technology and Gamesa in wind technology, Adwen is in the ideal position to lead the development of this industry in the coming years.

Adwen is mainly dedicated to the creation of engines, turbines and other propulsion machinery for ships and vessels, and has selected the XOne low-code development platform for the mobilization of the processes involved in the technical service tasks it provides to its customers. customers. During the first quarter of the year the project has successfully passed into production.

The final result of the mobility application has been the optimization of the maintenance processes of the wind turbines, speeding up the response times and resolution of incidents by Adwen maintenance technicians.

XOne offers, at all times, an immediate response service adapted to the specific needs of the client.

The mobile application has allowed, among other things, the repair of defects, the performance of inspections, the management of the actions carried out, the issuance of technical verification reports, the status of parts … .etc, in short, the tool represents a considerable improvement in the actions of the technicians.

It has more than 60 valid devices for multiple platforms such as Windows Mobile or Android.

The strengths and synergy of both parent companies make Adwen a key component in the race to reduce the energy cost, providing safe and reliable solutions at the forefront of the industry.